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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

Tumbling Class

Our tumbling class teaches all aspects of tumbling; from basic tumbling of cartwheels to front and back handsprings, standing back tucks, front and back salto's; to more advanced tumbling such as back layouts to back full twisting layouts.  We also concentrate on strength and flexibility, which are important to achieve higher tumbling skills.

And we teach air awareness while going upside down and the importance of rolling out of a skill to avoid injury.  Our tumbling class will use stations set up for many repetitions.  We will also be using our in-ground pits for a safe landing.  Along with all the above, we provide a 40-foot long in-ground tumble track that also leads into our foam pit.  This tumbling class is one hour of non-stop tumbling!

We offer 2 tumbling classes; Beginning tumbling and Advanced tumbling.   Those who have accomplished a round-off back-handspring unassisted may take the Advanced tumbling class.

We also offer our beginning and advanced classes in age ranged classes.  We sometimes group kids in classes by ages of 5-10 years old and classes of 10 and up.

ALL tumblers are requited to wear a leotard.   ALL mid-drifts are to be covered.

Payment is due in-full on the first day of class. Please bring signed COVID-19 waiver with you the first day of class.