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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

Preschool Gymnastics Class

Leap Frog PreSchool Gymnastics


Our goal for the Leapfrog gymnastics program is not to teach the perfect cartwheel (that comes later).  It is to provide each child with a fun, safe environment where they can develop positive attitudes about learning and challenges. Will they learn basic gymnastics skills? YES, indeed! We use a progressive program that starts at the very beginning – that’s a very good place to start.   Leapfrogs are exposed to all gymnastics events (floor, beam, vault, and bars) with special preschool-sized equipment. We believe the highlight of our program, however, is the development of a positive learning attitude because this lays the foundation for all future learning situations, hence, learn, laugh and grow!

Our new facility is located in the building south of our  Victory Gymnastics building (the BIG gym).  It has been renovated and transformed into an exciting and unique experience for you & your child! We have a fun, dedicated staff that will get to know your family during the 12-week session.


Tadpoles (My Grown-Up and Me): 18 months - 3 years-old

Froglets: 3 year-olds

Hip Hops: 4 year-olds

Flip Flops: 5 year-olds

Combined 3 and 4's class

Noah's Ark room

Noah's Ark room


Noah's Ark room

From Trish's 2nd iPAD 8-13 to 3-14 195

Monkey room

From Trish's 2nd iPAD 8-13 to 3-14 192

Frog-floor room

Ages 3 - 5 Years

Students in the Preschool Gymnastics class learn basic skills of controlled floor tumbling exercises. Strength conditioning and flexibility is very important for students prior to beginning regular gymnastics training.

**** Please note that our "My Grown-Up and Me" class is an adult-assisted-class, meaning you are the parent who does the lifting of your child as needed.

***** My grown up and ME classes for the SUMMER session are being held in Gym C Dance studio.  Front 2 story building on the lot upstairs.  Entrance door is along side closest to chain link fence.

**** Please note that our preschool classes are upstairs.  For those 3 - 5 year-old classes, parents stay downstairs and watch class on TV monitors.

Payment is due in-full on the first day of class. Please bring signed COVID-19 waiver with you the first day of class.