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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

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Open Gym

VGA Open Gym for kids

  • For kids age 5 to 17, or Highschool seniors.
  • Times: School Year hours are from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Summer Hours are from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, June through July.
  • Cost: $5 per member, $8 per non-member.

*All non-members MUST have a liability waiver signed.

Dragon Quest Open Gym

  • For kids age 7 to 17, or Highschool seniors.
  • Time: 3:45-4:45 Friday.
  • Cost: $5 per member, $8 per non-member.
  • Tennis Shoes are required.
  • Space is limited to 25 kids.

**Open Gyms will be held weekly unless stated as a post on our Facebook page or in an email that is sent out.

***Follow our Facebook page for closures***

Private Lessons with our VGA Coaching Staff

Please note that Private lessons with a Team Coach during Team Competition Season (October-April/May) are first reserved for Team members.  If a team coach has an opening and there are no team members needing a private lesson, then the lesson can be scheduled.

Starting in 2015, VGA policy will state that private lessons will only be held with those participating in a VGA program, either currently or with in the last 6 months.

Gym Memberships

Each family is required to become a gym member if they enroll in a class or take private lessons.

Membership is $30 per family per year.

The year starts on your enrollment date, not on the calendar year.

If your re-enrollment date falls in the middle of a session, you are still responsible for this fee. No exceptions.

Gym membership supports our liability insurance and equipment maintenance.

Class Make Up Policy

At VGA we know that life happens and occasionally a child will miss their scheduled class. We allow a child who has missed their scheduled class to make up that missed class BEFORE week 12 (the last week) of the session. Stated below is our Class Make-Up policy.

  • All make-ups MUST be scheduled ahead of time. When making up a missed class, we ask that you give at least a 24-hour notice as to when you would like to come for a make-up class. This is so that we can communicate to the class instructor, which will allow them to prepare for an additional child or children. As a walk into make-up a class, you run the risk that your child may not be permitted to make up within this class at this time due to class size being over the limit.
  • A student will only be permitted to attend a make-up in a class that is an ACTIVE class. (one in which other children are currently attending).
  • Another option for a missed class make up would be to attend an Open Gym for FREE. This is unstructured 1.5 hours of gym fun.
  • Class sizes are limited to 8 children therefore not all classes are available as an option for a missed class make-up.
  • Missing a scheduled class make-up will result in that make-up class being ineligible for another make-up. In other words, there is not a make-up for a missed make-up appointment.
  • ALL children making up a class MUST report to the front desk to be checked in. Attendance cards WILL NOT be set out.
  • All missed classes that you wish to make up must be made up BEFORE WEEK 12 of the session. There is no carry over into the next session, nor will credit be given for any missed classes not made up.
  • There are NO MAKE-UPS in WEEK 12. If you miss a class in week 12, you can attend the following Saturday’s OPEN Gym as your make-up. This needs to be scheduled at the front desk or scheduled by calling VGA.
  • You can call VGA at 812-344-4185 or call 812-799-7536 (gym B) to schedule a make-up or you can schedule at the front desk with Miranda .

Class Pricing and Discounts

  • Class Payment is DUE IN FULL on the first day class is attended.
  • Class prices are based on 12 classes in the session.  Each class price can be found under the "gymnastics class" tab and then under each class break down tab.
  • 10% discount will be given to families where 1 child takes more than one class OR a family enrolls multiple children into classes. The first class or first child's class is at normal pricing.  A 10% discount is applied to the LESSER priced class.
  • 10% will be taken off of the lowest class registration fee. When there is a child that has enrolled in more than 2 classes or a family has more than 2 children enrolled in classes, the Highest class price will be at normal pricing, then 10% will be taken off of all additional classes. The maximum discount taken off a class is 10%.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on classes nor is there any carry-forward or credit applied to a future class.

Pro-rating Class Fees

  • We DO NOT pro-rate on the front end. If you know that you cannot attend the first couple of classes in the session, you can either make-up those classes per our Class Make-Up policy OR wait to sign-up once you know that you are available to attend class.
  • WE DO pro-rate for missed classes for those who register AFTER the SESSION HAS STARTED.

Inclement Weather Policy

VGA will decide upon cancellation by noon as to any class or team practice closures.  Please check our Facebook page and/or your email for notifications.

In the case of a Saturday Open gym, any cancellation will be determined by 8 am. Please check our Facebook page and/or your email for notifications.



Covid-19 info 

You will notice that we are changing things at the gym to comply with the social distancing recommendations, extra cleaning requirements, temperature screening and mask wearing requirements etc.  when we all return to VGA.  Some items are hard to get a hold of and I am hopeful that they will all be in when we re-open.  We will NOT be able to us the water coolers and each gymnast will be required to bring their own water bottles.  We will NOT be selling any juices or Gatorade until further notice. Water bottles with Water ONLY will be required.  NO juice or Gatorade in these water bottles as they will be carried around the gym as they more from station to station.  Our lobby viewing will have limited seating and ONLY ONE parent per child will be permitted into VGA to watch class.  This is for social distancing requirements.  More information on this will be sent out in a separate email.

You will get in a separate email a COVID-19 release waiver to sign before your gymnast can enter into VGA for practice or private lessons.

Summer Class Schedule

We will open for classes June 1st with the Summer session being 9 weeks long.  This session will last until Aug 1st.  Our class price for the session is prorated for the 9 classes.  Our competitive team will be practicing during the day to allow for our classes to spread out more in the gym.  Gary and Shanthi's class schedule will change a little as they are not available as much to teach in the evenings and they are offering a few afternoon classes.  Also the typical flow rotation for the classes will change a bit this summer.  Again, this small change will allow for social distancing in the gym.  Once we are through this COVID social distancing restrictions, we will go back to our normal class rotations.  The summer flow change will NOT affect the outcome of the class.

***This schedule is subject to change IF the 5 phase re- opening  plan that Governor Holcomb has implemented changes.

Class sizes

Gym A classes will be limited to 8 per class.  We have 21 Beginner , 10 Intermediate, 1 advanced and 4 boys classes to offer.

Gym B :  Tumbling classes will be limited to 6 per class.  We have 7 Beginner 5-10 yrs old, 6 beginner 10 and up and 3 advanced classes to offer.

Gym B:  Dragon Quest will be limited to 6 per class.  We have 5 classes to offer

Gym B:  Preschool classes will be limited to 4 per class.  We have 12 Froglet 3's classes, 12 Hip Hop 4's classes and 3 Flip Flop 5's classes to offer.  Our My grown up and me classes will be held in gym B.

Open Gyms

We will be having open gyms now on Saturdays from 1-230pm 

Birthday Parties

We will be hosting birthday parties now

Missed Class Make-Ups

Until the end of December, we will be having no restrictions to class make ups.  IF you cannot get a missed class made up in this class session, you have until December 2020 to make it up.  Class credit WILL NOT be given, however, you can make it up in the next class session.  For example; Summer session you miss 2 classes that you can not get scheduled to make up during the summer class session, those 2 classes can be made up in the FALL class session..  In addition, when we start open gyms back up, those will be offered as a class make up as well.  You can see your class attendance in your VGA parent portal.

You will still be REQUIRED to schedule at the front desk as you do now.

Spring schedule missed classes

For those who were registered for the spring session, we completed 4 weeks and missed out on 8 weeks.  How we are handling this WILL be the same for all.

2 classes will be credited to your account when you sign up for either a Summer class, Fall class or a winter class and another 2 classes will be credited to you when you sign up for either a Fall class or a winter class for a Total of 4 classes of credit.
4 classes will be available to you to make up.  You have until the end of December to make them up OR attend open gyms for free.
The amount of credit you receive will be based on what you paid for the class you missed out on.  For example, IF you paid $153 for a class, your 2 class credit will be $25.50.  If you paid a 10% discounted fee (for multiple class discount) of $138 then your 2 class credit will be $23.00.
The 2 class credit will be credit deduction to your total due. A refund will NOT be submitted to a credit card.
IF you do not sign back up for a Summer, Fall or Winter session class this offer expires December 2020
Jan 2021 we will go back to the class make up restrictions that were in place prior to our COVID-19 closure unless otherwise noted.
I realize that this will not make everyone happy.  We have done our best to come up with a solution that will work for all of us.  As a small business, we have lost a substantial amount of income and will continue to loose it going forward.  We have lost birthday party income, open gym income, retail sales, team income, and future class income due to smaller class size restrictions.  All the while, we still have paid our employees (those who did not apply or qualify for unemployment ) rent, taxes, utilities, insurance.  Our "normal" bills did not stop nor will they regardless of whether any income was or is coming in or not.  VGA is not the only business in this situation.  As many of our families are in the same situation we recognize it, sympathize with you and appreciate you for your support and appreciate you for investing in your child, whether it is with VGA or else where.  I know that this COVID-19 crisis has taken its tole on so many.

We are going to get through this together and we are #victorystrong.  We will have a FREE #victorystrong shirt for everyone who signed up for classes this session.

Class Payment

I am asking that you DO NOT pay until you receive a statement from me OR the first day of class which ever comes first.  FOR those who attended spring classes, I need time to place the 2 class credit on your account.  I have been approached by some families who have stated that they do not want any credit or refund going forward and that this is their way to support us through this.  This is MUCH appreciated.  IF that is your wish, again many thanks.  Simply Go ahead and pay when you sign up, that way I will know your wishes.  Again, many thanks.

In closing I want to give thanks to God above.  HE brought this gym together, HE has sustained it through the years, HE has grown it through the year and HE is bringing it back stronger than ever.  We serve a powerful and almighty God. HE gave us Jesus who is our VICTORY.  May God bless and comfort you all.  See you real soon.