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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

Dragon Quest

Welcome to VGA's newest addition... Dragon Quest's "How to Train Your Dragon" Obstacle Course located in Gym B on our Victory Circle Campus!

Our obstacle course is a spin-off of the "American Ninja Warrior" obstacle courses.  We, however, will not be using the term "Ninja" and we will not incorporate any Martial Arts within our class structure, nor will we offer "parkour" moves and jumps.

What we will offer is the opportunity to master speed, strength, and agility using our unique set-up in a fun and safe environment.  Our classes will be designed to teach proper body mechanics and strategy while maneuvering through the obstacles while experiencing some fun, friendly and healthy competition amongst peers. Our Class structure will mimic our gymnastics progressive skill color level board. Each section of the course will be named after a dragon and our Dragon Quest board will reflect each station with that particular dragon, giving the kids an opportunity to see their accomplishments along the way and to set a goal for what they would like to accomplish as well as beat their timed runs through the course.

  • Our obstacle course features 3 warp walls, spider wall, rock climbing wall, monkey bars, swings, rope ladder, rings, and other fun obstacles.
  • Kids' classes are for boys and girls ages 7-17 years old.
  • Kids OPEN gym times will be Wednesday evenings from 615 to 715 pm until November 4th, 2020 then TBA
  • Saturday open gym times for kids: TBA
  • Family Gym Memberships of $30 is required to take classes and attend Open gyms.
  • The cost of Open gym is $5 and $8 for non-members. Discount packages are available for Members.

Payment for Class is expected with registration or to be paid in full on the first day of class.