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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

OUR Progressive Skills Development System

Each Color-Coded Class represents different skill levels. We offer Beginning (Levels 1, 2, and 3), Intermediate (Levels 4 and 5) Advanced gymnastics classes (Levels 6 and 7).

Our color-coded system of achievement allows each student to measure their own successes as their abilities improve. It also allows a basis for our Coaches to monitor the student’s efforts in class and alter their coaching and training methods as needed to help strengthen and improve their students with their skills.

Each color represents a level of skills that must be completed in order to move up to the next level.

White (Level 1)

At this level, the student will progress through twenty physical mobility activities that will be mastered with slow precision and accuracy. This is done in order to advance motor skills and strengthen muscles to prevent injury.

Green (Level 2)

At this level, the student has achieved muscle strengthening and more control in order that gymnastics equipment can be used safely to advance their controlled movements. This set of twenty achievements will incorporate basic floor gymnastics and beginning jumps, swings, rolls, and stands that will increase stamina so larger body muscles will develop and improve core strength of the child athlete.

Orange (Level 3)

This is the last of the beginners level. The student will have achieved a strong grasp of the physical regimen needed to continue in gymnastics. Their accomplishments will be reviewed and celebrated by the team leaders and staff. With parents consent, the student will advance to the next intermediate level of training in gymnastics.

Yellow (Level 4)

This is the intermediate level. The student has the basics down and now they proceed to understanding the consistency and dedication required to master floor, beam, bars, and vault work in gymnastics. They have the basic knowledge of safety and have acquired more stamina through training. Now they are trained in routines, proper form, and stability.

Red (Level 5)

During this last stage of intermediate training, the student is consistently showing mastering of basic skills with improvement in strength of vaults, jumps, tucks, and dismounts. They acquire proficiency in performance and show an understanding of the criteria for competition-level performance in gymnastics. Upon completion of this level of training, the student moves on to advanced gymnastics.

Blue (Level 6)

This is the first level for students in advanced gymnastics. The student will show a strong form and practice safety first for every routine. Their training will be repetitive with advanced training in vaults, bars, beam, and floor exercise. They will be honing skills in speed, endurance, and increased routine difficulty. More complicated techniques of handsprings, vaults, tucks, and rolls will be developed to reflect the abilities and talents of each student.

Purple (Level 7)

The student will benefit from our team spirit at this level of training and will be encouraged to compete if their level of expertise and dedication shows a positive attitude that represents Victory Academy in competition. Students not interested in competition will be given the same professional attention to develop their skills as those who do compete. At this stage, the student will focus on increased grace in routines, height in dismount, and more athletic movements required in advanced level gymnastics.

Further information about types of vaults or jumps, or equipment and safety, will be
addressed by the coaches or administrators of Victory Gymnastics Academy with any parents who have specific questions. Victory Gymnastics Academy is proud to be offering Gymnastics Classes in Columbus Indiana.