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Victory Gymnastics Academy

Victory Gymnastics Academy

About Us

The Values of Victory Gymnastics Academy

Our children are a part of our community, therefore the values imparted while they are in our care reflect the respect we have for parents, teachers, and our own families. We recognize the potential in all children to be the best person they can be. Their mind, body, and spirit of wellness are more important to our staff than the competition of organized sports. While we will support the goals of children and parents to participate in organized competitions, those activities will always come second to the overall well being of the children we serve.

We are conveniently located in Victory Circle which is just minutes off I-65 at 4171 N 150 W Columbus, IN 47201. For more details click here. Also, feel free to email any questions to or give us a call at (812) 344-4185.

Why Gymnastics Over Other Activities?

While the youth involved enjoy the tumbling and play involved in gymnastics, they will also acquire social and developmental skills that can be applied to every aspect of their lives. Gymnastics is often referred to as the “mother” of all sports because of the required skills of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, team concept, mental focus, and physical endurance required.

Different age groups will benefit in a variety of ways. Toddlers to beginning school age groups will gain skills of physical motor skills, balance, and social interaction. While school-age children and older will gain skills such as physical endurance, self-discipline, respect, time management, goal setting, and self-confidence.

In addition to the physical milestones of the child, the gymnastics team will pay attention to all social interactions of the child and praise those behaviors that show a healthy respect and care for others.

Through goals and rewards in practice, the child will gain physical endurance and mental focus that will create success in other life situations. Recognition of abilities will lead to new self-confidence, increased communication skills, and will become a well-rounded individual. Often the rewards gained with gymnastic accomplishments will result in increased focus at school which leads to better academic grades.

Why Victory Academy?

Our goals are not a secret.
At Victory Gymnastics Academy, we are always looking at ways to meet the needs of our clients and their children. Lessons are developed and grouped by both ability and potential. Our students are given individual attention while learning to participate in team activities and learning.

Our steps are measured.
Your child's successes will be documented and celebrated by our team. We use a simple color-coded system that outlines the steps a student must take to reach every plateau of their athletic journey. When each plateau is reached, the staff will congratulate the student while giving them new goals for the future. Through this system, we teach the children the value of learning new skills that keep them interested.

Our feet are firmly planted as your child leaps to success.

Our staff is committed to continuing education at Victory Gymnastics Academy, certification in their specialty, and offer a safe and effective training environment to advance children's physical ability.